About Us

English Planet prides itself on its unique curriculum and proven student performance-a consequence of exclusively designed courses and standardized level completion testing.

English Planet School offers a variety of interesting English language courses (as well as other languages) for students wanting to improve their English for International communication, for personal development, business and professional purposes or for further study.

English Planet students have access to the latest modern computing facilities, an Independent learning corner designed specifically for the need of students, audio and video equipment and modern, well-equipped classrooms.

"Professionalism is what English Planet follows"

Dedicated and Trained professional Instructors
You will find that English Planet's teachers are friendly, well-trained, knowledgeable and very experienced. They are very dedicated and mature professionals who have a genuine concern for your success in learning English.

Practical, Dynamic and fun
Classes are always lively with discussions, debates, role- plays, assignments, trips and sketches.

Small Classes
There are less students in a class because we want the teacher to know the students well and the students to know the teacher well. Small classes also allow the teachers to give enough time and attention to every student.

Flexible Schedule
You can begin the course at any time that is suitable for you, and stay for as long as you need.

Excellent facilities and Multimedia Technology
English Planet is a study centre. It has a wide range of books, magazines and newspapers. There is a study area for students. A special set-up where you can practice listening, pronunciation, grammar and communication skills with undisturbed focus with the teacher ready to help you.